Whiter | Thicker | Stronger


SB HI-BULK is our newest one-side coated?paperboard which has improved its specification over the original SB.


Download SB HI-BULK?specification, please click here


Available Substances

200gsm l 215gsm l 230gsm l 250gsm l 270gsm l 300gsm l 350gsm


Standard Sizes

31” X 43”

36” X 25”

43” X 31”


Special Sizes

Goods are imported in reels. Therefore sheet sizes are customizable?and we are very flexible. KVB offers our signature “Ready to Print” service to save your cost and time. Please contact our sales team for more information.



?fsc.jpg??lab_article-tn--278.jpg?reach_svhc.jpg??Food Safe Packaging

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